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The Mayhem canopy began development in 2008 and became available for sale in October 2010. The Mayhem is available in seven sizes, from 200 to 320. It is designed with a low aspect ratio of 2/1 and is designed to open fast and pressurize evenly. It is the most responsive BASE parachute available. The Mayhem has an excellent flare; not just from full flight, but also in half breaks and those low break turns too. You can come out of the turn and finish your flare for a tiptoe landing. The Mayhem is available with a single direction vent and valve system. We’re going with the name “vents and valves” right now (all the clever names where taken). Come up with something clever and we’ll send you a t-shirt, maybe something else. The Mayhem has great forward speed and glide ratio. It has stable flight in half breaks, which makes it perfect for sinking in to those tight landing areas. The fifth line break attachment comes standard and adds to the mayhem responsiveness and flare. It helps provide a better flare with out the worry of stalling. The mayhem is also available with partial or full ZP top skin. ZP adds better performance to the glide and flare.

Standard Features:

  • 600 lb Dacron lines (black/red or white/red)
  • Red tailgate lines
  • Small mesh slider
  • 5th line attachment for better flare and a more active response
  • Color coded line attachments for ease of packing
  • Color coded packing tabs for ease of packing
  • Awesome Bad Seed Logo on the Top Skin (Not required but probably desired)
  • Tailgate
  • Tail Pocket
  • Deep and Shallow break settings


  • Vents/Valves (one to five cells)
  • Partial ZP Topskin (1/3) (provides better lift and glide)
  • Full ZP top skin


  • 2 to 1 aspect ratio
  • Cord wise constructed
  • Cord and Span wise tape reinforcement with out the bulk
  • Reinforced center cell and bridle attachment
  • Continuous center A and B lines for strength and integrity

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 6 in


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